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A Tribute to & Inspired by Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has been a source of inspiration for me since the days of Rhythm Nation 1814 (circa 1988). In 2015, along with a few friends from the “JanFam” fan community, I created a heart-centered Periscope broadcast, website, and Facebook group called JanFam.Café to celebrate the message of love from Janet Jackson’s 2015 album “Unbreakable” (and much of her work). Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I was unable to continue the project; so, I’ve created this page to celebrate that experience.

Thank you and namaste,

This page is dedicated in memory to Michael Andrews and Michael Whetstine.

Morning Morsels Social Media Shareables

Inspirational Quotes by Janet Jackson

Morning Morsels on JanFam.Café are free social media shareable that are inspirational quotes by Janet Jackson. Designed by myself, I’ve made them available again for you to share. Click on an image to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

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JanFam.Café Playlists on Music

Curated Janet Jackson playlists from the JanFam.Café Periscope broadcast. Available only on MUSIC


Exploring the Rock Side of Janet Jackson

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10 Janet Songs to Inspire Your Brand

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My Top 25 Favorite Janet Jackson Songs

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JanFam.Café on Facebook

Keep the Conversation Going…

The JanFam.Café Facebook Group is a safe space to keep the conversation going and share the message of love from “Unbreakable” (and all of Janet Jackson’s music). Share your thoughts, inspirational stories, and more. *

* Note, I am no longer the administrator or moderate this Facebook group. You choose to participate in the conversation at your own free will. But please, keep it positive and remember it’s all about love!

JanFam.Café Swag

Janet Jackson Swag Featuring Artwork from JanFam.Café

Swag from JanFam.Café features original illustrations of Janet Jackson. Shirts and other products are available with these custom designs on RedBubble. All proceeds go to support the artists who designed them. View More on RedBubble →

Date Aired: 02/02/2016

30th Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Control

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Date Aired: 10/04/2015

The Great Forever… L.U.T.F.A.

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Date Aired: 09/01/2015

My Coming Out Story and Janet Jackson

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Gratitude and Appreciation

Gratitude, of course, must first go to Janet. Thank you for always being such an amazing inspiration! Namaste, Jason.

Thank You

Special thank you to the following people who joined me in the café each week (for privacy, listed by their first name only): Lisa, Kelly, Darrin, Moe, Linda, Tommy, Jack, Niels, Kelz, Colissa, CiCi, Deon, Kia, Terrance, Adam, Casey, Junior, and many more. A special thank you to Mike Litherland at #InductJanet for supporting the project from day one. You believed in me, even when I did not. Thank you. 🐿 #JustSayin…