Best Travel Tips from Playa del Carmen, MX to San Pedro, BZ

06/4/2018 | Mindful Travel

These are some of my best travel tips when heading to San Pedro, Belize from Playa del Carmen, México. Cause, ya know, sometimes ya just gotta take a break from paradise. It’s rough, but that’s the life. #LiveCreative

I’ve traveled a couple times from Playa del Carmen, México to San Pedro, Belize. By far the best route is the ADO bus from here in Playa del Carmen to Chetumal. And then, the water ferry from Chetumal to San Pedro, Belize. Below are 7 best travel tips for traveling from Playa to San Pedro:

Playa del Carmen, México

Step 1: Adios Playa

Thank her for the blessings and great times. “Gracias por los buenos tiempos.” I’ve learned when traveling to and from a place, it’s best to ask for energetic permission when you arrive. And then, thank the place when you leave. It creates good vibes and your experience while visiting.”

Playa del Carmen ADO Station (20th and 12th)

Step 2: Purchase an ADO Bus Ticket to Chetumal

Head over the to ADO Alterna station on 20 Avenida Nte. and Calle 12 Nte. instead of the ADO station. It’s less crowded and you’ll save money compared to the ADO station on 5 Avenida (La Quinta).

Price: As of 6/4/18 price one way to Chetumal, MX is 377 Peso (about $18US).

ADO Bus Ride from Playa to Chetumal

Step 3: Enjoy the Bus Ride!

The ride from Playa del Carmen to Chetumal is about four hours, with regular stops in Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and Bacalar. The bus is air- conditioned and the scenery is beautiful, so relax and enjoy the ride. My recommendation is to bring earphones. The in-ride movies are a bit violent for my taste. So I prefer to put on music, relax, take a nap, or enjoy the scenery.

Belize Water Taxi Ferry

Step 4: Take a Taxi to the Marina Ferry Terminal

Once you arrive at the ADO station, exit the terminal and get a taxi to the Marina Ferry Terminal. The drivers in Chetumal are quite friendly and it’s always a great opportunity to practice your Spanish.

Price: As of 6/4/18 the price for taxis to the ferry terminal is about 35 to 45 pesos ($2 to $3 US). Tip: Ask the price in advance, “Cuanto cuesta el terminal de ferry?” I’ve been told 100 (cien) pesos. Just say, “No, gracias.” and wait for the next taxi.

Chetumal Taxi to Marina Ferry Terminal

Step 5: Adios México

Leaving México through the marina ferry terminal is fairly easy. I recommend packing light and being prepared (bring something to write with, I always forget). If you’re a non-Méxican citizen, you’ll need to fill out the paperwork for immigration and customs.

Tip: Have your 533 pesos and paperwork filled out carefully and accurately, you’ll get through the customs window much faster.

México Marina Ferry Terminal

Step 6: Enjoy the Ferry Ride to Belize!

The Belize Water Taxi service from Chetumal to San Pedro takes about two hours. If you can get on the ferry early, try to get a seat near the middle of the boat. If you end up sitting near the front of the boat and the water is rough, it’ll be a real pain in the ass (literally).

Price: As of 6/4/18 the one-way price for the ferry is about 1100 pesos ($52US).

Tip: If you need to convert pesos to Belizian or US dollars, they can do it for you on the ferry. I recommend doing so beforehand, it’ll just make it easier once you’re in San Pedro. Conversion in Belize is easy $2BZ to the $1US, it’s been that way forever.

San Pedro, Belize

Step 7: Welcome to San Pedro, Belize!

Otherwise known as “La Isla Bonita” (yes, the Madonna song). San Pedro is fantastic. Mode of transportation are Golf Carts.

Tip: If you’re planning on staying at an AirBnB, I recommend my friend Diana’s house. She’s a wonderful host and the house is amazing. It has an outdoor kitchen for guests, it’s tucked into the island’s jungle which makes it super quiet, and the rooms have a very cool tropic/rustic vibe. Pure magic. Be sure to READ her entire introductory email, it’s chalked full of great tips while in San Pedro. Plus, ask about a Golf Cart rental in advance. She’ll get you a great price and you’ll be very glad you did. Trust me!

BONUS Tip: Remember, if you’re planning to return to México, don’t forget once you leave México a tourist visa is good for 180 days, but once you leave you can’t return to México for 3 days (72 hours). Plus, remember, you’ll need to have the same amount of money for the return trip, so plan ahead.

So the next time you need a break from paradise, remember these tips for a relaxing and scenic trip from Playa del Carmen, México to San Pedro, Belize.

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