The 7-Day #LiveCreative Meditation Experience

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Consciousness Awakening Meditations for Creative Minds

Awaken Your Creativity Within

Guided Meditations for Consciously Awakening Your Creative Mind

During these guided meditations, you’ll focus your intention on your 7 Chakras through consciousness awakening to kickstart a journey to realize your full creative potential.

Day 1 • Root Chakra Meditation

I Am Home

Regardless of where you are in the world, your body is indeed your home. So to begin solving the problems in our lives, we must start by looking inside ourselves.

Day 2: Sacral Chakra Meditation

I Am Life

In the school of life, opportunities will come and go. And we can always choose whether to jump on them or not, knowing that there is no end to new possibilities.

Day 3 • Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

I Am Will

The source of fire requires that there are three things: fuel, heat to burn fuel, and air to keep the fire burning. Using yourself as an analogy to fire, imagine your passions, dreams, and desires.

Day 4 • Heart Chakra Meditation

I Am Love

Speaking from a place of love, sharing in an authentic way, we establish meaningful relationships and create links with other people that add value, creating sustainable and long-term growth.

Day 5 • Throat Chakra Meditation

I Am Sound

Trusting that our ego works in concert with our hearts, we can have confidence that together they can guide us through the creative process – this is known as the “heart-mind connection.”

Day 6 • 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation

I Am Light

When we feel stress, we are on the wrong frequency. So it’s necessary for us to re-tune our joy so that we can bring awareness to our intuition and subtle perceptions.

Day 7 • Crown Chakra Meditation

I Am Bliss

When you’ve ignited the spark of the creativity within you, and raise your vibration, it’s time to take inspired action and commit to the creative process.

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Awaken Your Creative Mind to Higher Consciousness?

In These Guided Chakra Meditations, You’ll Learn…

During these guided meditations for creative minds, you’ll focus on releasing false fears and limiting beliefs preventing personal transformation and finding your purpose in life. As well, this 7 Chakra series draws inspiration from an ancient Sanskrit text called, “The 9 Rules for Being Human.”

Your 7 Chakras

Your Chakras are the seven energy healing centers of your body.

  • Blocked energy in our seven chakras can lead to illness.
  • By understanding the meaning of each chakra, we can learn to work with the energy to release any blockages preventing us from reaching our full creative potential.
  • Each of the seven meditations in this experience will give you an in-depth understanding of each chakra.

“The 9 Rules for Being Human”

Inspired by this ancient Sanskrit text, these meditations experience is a primer for the creative process.

  • Often considered the ancient language of Hinduism, Sanskrit was the means to communicate and dialogue with the Hindu Celestial Gods.
  • According to, the name or better said the term ‘Sanskrit’ comes from two the conjoining of the prefix ‘sam’ meaning ‘samyak‘ which indicates ‘entirely,’ and ‘krit’ meaning ‘done.’
Not Sure if Meditation is Right for You?

Learn More About Meditating…

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind with the intention of transforming the way we think.

Meditation is not part of any religion; it is a practice anyone can use to encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and create calm. Meditation is a technique for resting the mind with the intention of transforming the way we think.

Having a focused state of mind and peaceful, positive intention, you can leverage the practice of meditation in your life to transform your understanding of yourself and create a new meaning of the experiences in your life.

With regular work and patience, you can begin to understand the patterns and habits of your mind, and then, with daily practice, start to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.

A Practical Guide to Meditation

Meditation is a word that has become loosely used in the modern world. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘dhyana,’ refers “ to the contemplative process that prepares the ground of ecstatic state (samadhi).” In general, ‘dhyana‘ is designated for both the meditative state of consciousness of regular meditation practice.

Where to Meditate

Anywhere you can close your eyes and feel safe without distractions. Since this is an guided meditation, just find a place where you can plug in and follow along.

When to Meditate

Any time you look forward to meditating. Morning and evening aligns with our body’s natural quiet rhythms. Studies have shown morning meditations last longer.

Body Position

Being comfortable during meditations is very important. While the preferred method is for sitting up straight to cultivate alertness, you can also lie down.

Your Thoughts

If you find yourself distracted by your thoughts, know that thinking is inevitable and normal. Just be aware of them and focus your awareness on the mantra.

Your Breath

Our breathing is a natural rhythm of our body. When we focus on our breath, we are present in the moment. Allow your breath to flow in and out, with effortless ease.

Meditation Length

The guided meditations during this experience are intended to be an introduction to the practice and are approximately 17 to 20 minutes in length.

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Awaken Your Creative Mind to Higher Consciousness?

Meet Your Meditation Host

About Jason Holland

Hello, I am Jason Holland – Mindfulness Coach, Inspirational Blogger, and Writer. Sharing from my journey of spiritual growth, transformation, and personal life experiences, I designed The #LiveCreative Project to help creative minds, like you, unlock their full potential through higher conscious awakening.

After having gone through a series of transformative experience and personal shifts that begin in 2014, I have felt an unshakable inner “push” to publicly share the insights, tools, and wisdom that have positively transformed my life in unimaginable ways.

Since the beginning of my spiritual awakening back in 2015, I am continuously learning to accept, forgive, heal, and let go of the past. Self-critical to a fault, the hard work of healing and transformation as just begun.

Coming into my own, I am still to learning to love and respect myself and my body – and continuously striving to awaken my higher consciousness and mindful self-improvement. My personal life experiences brought me to this moment in my life, there are no coincidences, I have few regrets, and I am grateful for the gifts of this life.

I highly recommend these meditations. They provided a great range of tools to help manage stress, keep calm and enjoy life more! I’m looking forward to the next ones 🙂

Naiara P., Playa del Carmen, MX
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Awaken Your Creative Mind to Higher Consciousness?

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