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How to Write and Post a Blog

by Jason Holland, the #LiveCreativePro

In the beginning, learning how to write and post a blog can be challenging. Getting your idea across to your target audience, crafting an excellent post for SEO, and building authentic relationships with your audience – it’s a lot work. It’s also one of those things where you just have to have patience, tenacity, and persistence.

What Will You Learn in the ‘How to Write and Post a Blog’ Course?

In this short course, Pro Web Designer, Jason Holland (the #LiveCreativePro) will show you easy-to-use tips and tricks so you can learn how to write and post a blog, like a pro!

Setup the WordPress Text Editor

Before posting your first blog, rearrange the layout of the default WordPress text editor to create an efficient workflow.

Create a Searchable Blog Post

Focusing on communicating your ideas first; in this video, I am going to show you how to use Google Keyword Planner to construct a searchable blog post.

Enhance Your Blog Post with Google Keyword Planner

When writing a blog post, you can take the guesswork of what people are searching for by using the Google Keyword Planner to research ideas.

Transcribe Blog Posts with YouTube and an iPhone

If you don’t think you’re the best writer, use the iPhone voice memo app and YouTube to transcribe your blog post content.

SEO, Social Media, and Website Traffic

There is a difference between the website traffic you control (from social media) versus the website traffic you do not control (from SEO).

Reduce Photo File Size for Your Blog with Canva and TinyPNG

Learn how to use Canva.com and TinyPNG.com to reduce the photo file size for your the featured image on your WordPress blog post.

Do NOT SELL! Build “Know, Like, and Trust.”

When starting out as a blogger, do NOT sell your products or services on social media. Instead, your only goal is authentic audience engagement.

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