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Create a Logo Design on iPad

by Jason Holland, the #LiveCreativePro

Learn how you can quickly create a logo design and simple brand identity using only Pinterest, an Apple Pencil, and a free Adobe iPad apps. First, we’ll use Pinterest to create an inspiration board to gather inspirational design, photos, fonts, and logos we like to fuel our creativity. Then, we’ll use Adobe Capture and Adobe Sketch to design a unique brand identity.

What Will You Learn in the ‘Create a Logo Design on iPad’ Course?

In this short course, Jason Holland (a.k.a. the #LiveCreativePro) will show you a unique approach to logo design and branding, using only an iPad!

Learn How to Design Like a Pro on an iPad

In this series, I am going to show you, using only an Apple iPad,  how you can conceptualize your unique brand identity system and logo design.

Create a Pinterest Inspiration Board

Pinterest is an amazing search tool. Learn how to create an inspiration board to collect ideas to help conceptualize your unique design.

Learn Pro Typography Tips for Great Design

Learn basic typography terminology for mixing and matching fonts to create a modern and sophisticated look and feel for your brand identity.

Create a Color Palette from a Favorite Photo

Learn how to use Adobe Capture to create a minimal color palette from a photo for a modern, sophisticated, brand identity system and logo design.

Logo Design with Apple Pencil and Adobe Sketch

Learn how, and why, using the Apple Pencil and the Adobe Sketch iPad app are just as good as pen and paper for communicating your creativity and design ideas.

Inspire Logo Design with Hidden Meaning

In this course, I reveal a few pro secrets for adding hidden meaning to logo design to create visual intrigue and take your concept to a whole new level.

The One Thing More Important Than ‘Perfect’

Get insightful tips from a seasoned pro on why perfectionism is not your friend and experienced advice on what you should focus on instead.

Curious How You Can Create a Logo Design Using Only an iPad?