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My life has been on a whirlwind of pleasant surprises since launching Ruelon.com. Working with Jason Holland provided me with a site that is truly something to brag about. The challenge then became to live up to it by providing valuable content while having fun in the process. Now that I have this new vehicle to be a voice in my community, as Jason stated, the real work begins.

One of my short term goals is to increase my social media presence by engaging followers with something they can relate to. I want to be able to touch on topics and a way of being not often tapped into by those doing similar work. It is my purpose to define a new way of looking at gay men of color via unique content only available at Ruelon.com.

As I’m able to establish myself as someone who is trustworthy, I want to fully branch out into becoming a lifestyle brand. Establishing network opportunities and creating merchandise will all be a part of a new endeavor solidifying the vision of the site. I’m still learning and sometimes stumbling along the way. I do however, find comfort in a website that I can be proud of. One that will take my dreams and turn them into reality.

Darrin Johnson

Professional Blogger/Owner, Ruelon.com

As a branding professional, I have collaborated over the past few years with several vendors to create websites for my clients. These vendors include a very large and expensive agency as well as individual freelancers. I have found Jason to be hands-down the most reliable web designer I’ve ever worked with. In terms of design and aesthetic, he truly “gets” it.

Mi Ae Lipe

Author/Owner, Bounty from the Box

We’ve worked with Jason Holland for years now, through several versions of our website. Jason went beyond just designing and coding this last time, to add functionality that allowed us to have more control than ever, eliminating the need for a third party resource. Working with Jason is not only critical to our marketing efforts, it’s a pleasure to work with him.

Michael Curless

Innkeeper/Owner, The Willows Inn Bed & Breakfast

Jason is a joy to work with, a consummately intuitive designer. When I started my financial marketing consulting business in 2009, he helped me explore my firm’s background story and attributes to create a truly distinct and relevant identity.

Although his core talents are in web design, he easily shifted gears to develop an amazing logo that perfectly combined the origins of my company and a bold personality for going forward. Subsequently, he has made sure the website remains fresh and technologically-current, as well as produced several inventive print pieces.

Additionally, Jason has provided graphic design services for various clients of my marketing agency. Those include top-tier financial services firms such as Chase, Citi, HSBC, J.P. Morgan and Scotiabank, as well as related industry associations and technology companies. His work either matches or exceeds other materials produced by these global financial institutions. Jason always brings an imaginative vision to what typically could be rather unexciting financial services marketing projects. For all of the reasons above, I highly recommend Jason for any and all graphic design services!

Greg Manko

Chief Creative Officer, Manko Marketing

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