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‘Fake Spirituality’ is Like the Absence of Truth

by | 11/27/2018 | Creative Living

“Fake Spirituality” of the current “New Age” movement can be a misleading and unrealistic, especially when void of balance between both sides of the truth.

What is ‘Fake Spirituality’?

In my experience, I think this current “New Age” movement is a little unrealistic – it only sets us up for disappointment and self-sabotage. Especially if we are carrying around baggage from the past, that needs healing or attending to. Spirituality is a personal journey, unique to each and every one of us. Where you are in the awakening process is not the same as anyone else.

“Fake Spirituality” is like walking around pretending everything in the universe is always in perfect harmony and balance. Instead, the reality we live in is a fractal depiction of many paths that move infinitely backward and forwards in the present. Your past impacts your future in the present moment. At any given moment, we are defining and redefining our reality.

It seems a greater disservice to pretend we are always supposed to be these perfect beings who are supposed to be constantly vibrating at the highest frequencies of love and joy all the time. I do not think the current human condition, our shared collective experience, at this stage of our evolutions, is that idealistic. We do experience pain, there are hardships in the world, and we do have moments of fear and sadness.

Spirituality is About Finding Balance and Harmony.

Like many things in life, spirituality is an expression of balance – the good and evil that dwells within each and every one of us. Whether you want to admit, or not, you’re just as capable of committing murder as you are to rise to the level of sainthood.

Each of us is a creator and every single one of us, at this moment, can choose the good or bad experiences we wish to manifest into our reality. Of course, most of us will likely never commit murder. As well, most of us are likely never going to be the next Mother Teresa either.

Lessons learned in the school of life on Earth are nothing more than spirit experiencing itself through our individualized form. We are both oneness and separation, unique beings in a shared experience. Each of us is capable of love and hate, good and evil, creation and destruction, peace and war. We are perfectly imperfect human beings. All any of us can do is recognize and accept the balance, or imbalance, that dwells within us.

There will be times when we are not our best when we still experience the dark side of our self. And that is okay. Mindfully aware of our shadows, through spiritual practice, we can heal and move into a life balanced with joy and fulfillment. We are universal oneness energy, experiencing itself in a dualistic, polarized, experience here on Earth continually striving to return to oneness through balance and order.

‘Fake Spirituality’ vs. ‘Real Spirituality’

“Real Spirituality,” is learning to embrace both sides of our existence. Having the courage to face our truths, the awareness of both the good and the bad. And then, committing to do the work necessary to heal in the present and move forward toward a reality of joy, peace, and harmony. We can only strive to do our best and live our lives in a healthy measure of balance.

Choosing to address and heal the perceived truths of our past, especially if they are painful or traumatic, isn’t just about dwelling in the past. It’s also about being honest with ourselves in the present moment, tending to negative energies that need to be healed and released. If there is no right and wrong in the Universe, then you will “dwell” on things exactly as long as you are meant to – until you learn the lesson and find away to let it go. Then, we can move forward in our lives with peacefully harmony – embracing ourselves exactly as we are in this moment.

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Awaken Your Creativity Within

A FREE root chakra healing meditation to ignite the fuel of your creative inner fire.