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Setting Your Intentions: Purpose, Passion, and Experience

by | 10/19/2018 | Creative Living

When I came to Mexico 14 months ago, I had the intention of just finding a quiet place to work, work on this project, hopefully, write a book, and keep my head down. I wanted to find myself again. I also wanted to learn the language, the culture, and experience, and taste the fantastic food here in Mexico. Of course, all of that too. But really, my intention was just a quiet place to do my work.

What I realized in the very first month was that the “digital nomad” lifestyle was not for me. Having traveled around for about six months in California, with my dog and a backpack, I realized very quickly I needed to feel grounded, find a place to call home and surround myself with a community of likeminded individuals.

When I got to Playa del Carmen a month later, I stepped out of the car, my foot touched the ground, and immediately this surge of electricity just went through me. Instantly, I knew I was home.

And just like that, the universe gave me everything I had asked for. I found a home, community, and within weeks, a relationship that would last the next eleven months. Unfortunately, it ended a few months ago.

I have no regrets. We’re both beautiful people who brought a lot of baggage from our pasts to the table. In the end, it exploded in our faces. Relationships, all relationships, are just mere reflections of things about ourselves that we either like or we don’t. And, this relationship brought all of my past right into the present.

That relationship forced me to look at the wounded childhood, the sabotaging behaviors, and mistakes I’ve repeated over and over again throughout the years. And, unfortunately, it had a negative impact on the relationships. Those were the mistakes I made, the lessons I had to learn.

Creating Intentions to Heal through Art

I’ve spent a lot of the last two months working on these issues – going inward, finishing a book, and really trying to understand what went wrong. I’m happy to report the first draft of the book is completed. At the moment, I am relishing in the joy of the accomplishment.

To that end, I’ve come to realize, if I am going to live creative with this purpose to “educate and inspire others from my creativity within, ” I am going to have to practice what I preach. Right?

A lot of the work that I did in the last two months was just to go inward, look at my shadows and say, “what’s going on here?” I’ve come to understand much about my past, I have awareness. But, I still have a lot of work to do. Life, healing, is a journey and a process.

The break up still hurts. But, sitting around, waiting for my ex to forgive me is a waste of my time. I have to forgive myself.

My intention with the book was to take that experience, get it down on paper, and learn from it. I’m still deciding if, and how, I am going to put it out into the world. It feels important to share my story with others – possibly it will help someone else going through a similar experience. On the other hand, at what cost? It’s not just my story. It’s also the story of the people in my life. It’s become this moral and ethical decision I am struggling with.

Who Are You Setting Your Intentions For?

That said, what I do know for sure is this: If we have passion and purpose, setting our intentions to speak from our authentic truth and experience, we just need to create without expectations. It does not have to be perfect, it doesn’t even have to be genuine. It just needs to be authentic. Most of all, creating art (in any form), doesn’t have to be for the rest of the world. It can just be for you and nobody else.

If you do decide to put your out into the world and you’re fortunate enough to find fame and fortune, then great! But, I would not make that your intention, or even expect it. Success is just icing on the cake.

But what you can do is if your purpose and passion, and you know what it is, it aligns for you, you’ve figured that out, set your intentions. Just to create from your own experience, be authentic, and do it for yourself – for your own joy and happiness.

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