Passion with the Purpose to Educate and Inspire Others from the Creativity Within

Hi, I am Jason Holland. A Heart-Centered Creator (Writer, Blogger, Artist, and Entrepreneur). Sharing inspiration from my personal life experiences, I created The #LiveCreative Project blog and meditations to help people consciously awaken and expand their creativity within.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to share my insights, story, and life purpose with you. This website and project have been an ongoing evolution, brewing within me for quite some time. I have worked passionately over the years to bring it out into the world. The fact that you’re reading this is proof that life is indeed magical when you commit to living in alignment with creativity and purposeful intention!

As a gay man and a United States citizen choosing to start a new life in Playa del Carmen, México, I have a relatively unique perspective of the world. I am not a big fan of the “tourist” version of travel or experiencing another country or culture.

Instead, I prefer to immerse myself in the local culture and language of a place. To step out of the tourist “comfort zone” and truly experience the wonder and magic of where I am. To truly embrace an experience of a new place takes courage – overcoming fears and expectations.

I also believe in the universal oneness of all things and that we all come from the same source energy. We are, in essence, unique in our individual experience and perspective of the world around us, but each of us has our own unique story to tell and share with the world.

After having gone through a series of transformative experience and personal shifts that begin in 2014, I have felt an unshakable inner “push” to publicly share the insights, tools, and wisdom that have positively transformed my life in unimaginable ways.

Jason Holland
Jason Holland

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“Jason represent the human ascension of spiritual awakening, and through that being more creative, and using the right tools and technology we have available to us now to empower our communication.”

Alberto Gaínza

Jason Holland

Lesson’s Learned from Life Experience

A man who was sexually molested as a child, I’ve spent most of my adult life in “fight or flight” mode, moving from place to place, and running from my past. And, I have burned many bridges along the way. Now, at forty-two years old, it has taken most of my adult life to learn how to accept, embrace, forgive, and let go of the pain from my childhood.

Since my spiritual awakening, when I lived in Palm Springs, California, to present day here in Playa del Carmen, México, I am learning to forgive, heal, and let go of that past. 

I’m very self-critical, to a fault. The hard work of healing has only just begun. But, I know now, who I am and who I am striving to become. Because, the experiences I created in my life have brought me to this place today. And, for that, I have no regrets and I am grateful!

It takes courage to face our fears and limiting beliefs about ourselves—letting go of those old, outdated, and unnecessary limiting beliefs we’ve held onto about ourselves. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, I am here to tell you, each of us can heal the past and live a creative life full of joy, creativity, and abundance.

A Little More About Me

  • At the end of 2016, I made a conscious choice to live a location independent and minimalist lifestyle, traveling around California.
  • Currently, I live location independent lifestyle in Playa del Carmen, México. I enjoy traveling with my golden retriever, Mila.
  • Listening to music is a passion that recharges my soul. You can checkout playlists of my favorite music on Apple Music. »

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The #LiveCreative Project Philosophy

Creativity is the force that runs through everything. It’s a power within each and everyone of us. Through this project, I will show you how to unlock your creativity and become powerful in every aspect of your life.

The #LiveCreative Project

Courage an Authenticity

It’s okay to be courageous, true to our most authentic self, and strive for our highest purpose. I will always encourage others to speak up and share their truth. We all deserve the chance to realize our full potential as the creative beings we are.

Joy and Abundance

We all deserve to embrace the joy and happiness that is our birthright as the beautiful, creative, human beings we are. We are all more alike than we are different. And, I believe each of us is a unique creator with our own voice, gifts, and purpose.

Speak Your Thruth

Speak up and share your truth. No really, you will be okay! It may be difficult and painful at first, but when you do give voice to your own dark secrets and bring them to the light, you can begin to decrease their negative power over you.

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