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The #LiveCreative Project by Jason Holland is a heart-centered blog, meditations, and online courses designed awaken, inspire, and expand your creativity within.

 Inspire Your Creativity

4 Reasons You Might Just Fall In Love With México

The #LiveCreative Blog

You Might Just Fall In Love With México

Category: Mindful Travel

I wish everyone the opportunity to fall in love with México – its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, the Spanish language, diversity, and fantastic food.

 Awaken Your Creativity

The 7-Day #LiveCreative Meditation Experience

7-Day #LiveCreative Meditations

Awaken Your Creativity Within

This 7-Day #LiveCreative Meditation Experience: Awaken Your Creativity Within by Jason Holland are a guided meditations designed as a primer for the creative process and a seven chakra energy healing.

 Expand Your Creativity

How to Use Ecamm Live to Broadcast on Facebook

#LiveCreativePro Courses

Broadcast with Ecamm Live, Like a Pro!

Leverage Call Recorder for Skype to easily capture content. Then, learn professional tips and tricks for turning a Skype call into a live broadcast on Facebook with Ecamm Live, Ecamm Movie Tools, and ScreenFlow.

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